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alright this is for all of you who i just cut from my friends list. if you can only see this post and my friends only post up there...and any other public post...that means i cut you. i dont plan on figuring out who it all was.

but chances are i cut you if...

i dont actually read your journal
you post too many times making me sick of reading about you
you dont ever post so i dont have anything to read
i just cant stand reading or hearing about your day (sorry im harsh)
we just arent a match? i dunno something about you i dont like
or we just never talk or communicate or leave comments

alright thats it.

i suppose if you want to redeem yourself and get your ass back on my list (because you know its such a damn honor to be on my friends list) you can go back to the friends post and try your luck again. otherwise nice knowing you...sorta...while it lasted.
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